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As a screenwriter, Kenny Golde has worked with some of the Entertainment Industry's most successful producers and directors, such as Bob Orci ("Star Trek," "Transformers"), Walter Parkes ("Men in Black," "Gladiator") and Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day," "The Equalizer"). more

As an independent film director, Kenny's films include the thriller "The Job," featuring Daryl Hannah, distributed by Lions Gate, and "Uncross the Stars," starring Academy Award Nominee Barbara Hershey and Golden Globe winner Ron Perlman. For a reel and trailers, click here.

Kenny has written both fiction and non-fiction on a wide variety of subjects, from a revolutionary war fought in space, "Breathe Moon Air," to historical drama, "A Full Measure of Happiness," to Credit-Card debt settlement in "The Do-It-Yourself Bailout." ...see more

Sold TV pitch "Reunion" to Eric Eisner Productions.

- Aug 2018


Hired to write "Cold Prey" for WWE FIlms.

- April 2017


Hired to write "The Emissary" for producer Hans Canosa and Talent Int'l China.

- Aug 2016


Hired to write "Flashback" for producer Jaume Collett-Sera.

- Sept 2015


"Variant Thirteen" movie pitch, based on the Richard K. Morgan book, sells to Straight Up Films and Vinson Films

- May 2014


“Walking with the Enemy” released theatrically in US, starring Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley.

-April 2014


Hired by Warner Bros. and 1821 Media to write “Return of the Gods.”

- January 2013.


Hired by New Regency and Bob Orci to write “The End of Eternity,” based on the Isaac Asimov novel.

-March 2012.


Sold spec script “Killer” to Parkes/MacDonald Productions.

- May 2011


“Uncross the Stars” released by Echo Bridge Entertainment.

- January 2010

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